Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break 2013 ~ Kure Beach, NC

Here's a bunch of pictures from our week-long spring break trip to Kure Beach outside of Wilmington at the end of March. We rented a house and invited Noah's best friend Caleb, Nim's best friend Soliel, and the Loomer family to join us. The older kids were so excited to bring friends on vacation and Gita was thrilled to share her room with her two younger cousins. We had such a wonderful week. The weather was too chilly for swimming, but we enjoyed playing on the beach, going for long walks, visiting the aquarium, and riding a ferry over to Southport NC. Other than the "crash landing" end to the week (some of the party was hit with an unfortunate stomach bug on the last day ~ which made for a very interesting drive back to the mountains!), it was a blast! And although leaving the relaxation, sunny skies, and ocean air was difficult (doesn't vacation always go by too quickly?) , the "goodbye" was much easier knowing we will be going back to the same awesome beach with our Utah/Iowa family in June. Hooray!

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